Keep up the Pressure on Iran


The continued threat of a nuclear Iran has been of concern to the Jewish community, Israel, and the United States for many years.  While both President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have indicated a new openness between the US and Iran, mere rhetoric cannot replace transparent action.

Now is not the time to stop the pressure on Iran to negotiate in good faith to give up its nuclear program.  As Iran meets with Western negotiators in Geneva, the United States should make it clear that the pressure which has brought Iran to the table will not relent until the centrifuges stop spinning by passing a new round of stricter sanctions.  Rouhani’s rhetoric alone cannot undo reports of recently installed centrifuges that enrich uranium four times faster than previous centrifuges.   Increased sanctions, and the restoration of full government funding to ensure these policies are effectively and aggressively implemented, are required to ensure that Iran comes to the table and makes the concessions needed for the U.S., Israel and the world to live without the threat of nuclear war.

Earlier this summer, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the bipartisan  Nuclear Iran Prevention Act (H.R. 850). Over 3000 have added their signature urging the Senate to do the same.  We need yours as well. 


Join us and sign this national petition calling on the Senate to  approve new sanctions to deter Iran.