Projects and Programs

  • Working with Project Reconnections [Jan Eilon, liaison]; the Project focuses on creating civility in the debates among community members, including regarding the relationship to Israel.
  • Holocaust Coordinating Committee is a committee of the JCRC.  It is composed of the various organizations involved in education and/or commemoration concerning the Holocaust and is engaged in communication, coordination, and collaboration among the organizations.
  • Israel Professionals Council is a committee of the JCRC.  It is composed of the professionals of the organizations that relate in some way to Israel and includes several lay members of the community.  Currently, a subcommittee is to gather information
    • about communal activities related to Israel advocacy/education
    • to strategize about what gaps should be filled
    • to recommend how to share communication among ourselves, and
    • to suggest what coordination/collaboration of activities is possible/feasible.
  • Fund Raising team has been formed to develop a fund raising plan and secure sources of support.
  • Georgia Textbook Review: Several retired teachers in the community are among our reviewers who will comment on reviews initially done by the Institute for Curriculum Services.  The texts up for review will be evaluated to ensure accuracy with regard to Jews, Judaism and Israel.
  • Israel Media Response Team: volunteers will continue to monitor local, national and international events and provided timely letters and opinion pieces to local media regarding Israel.