Poll Workers 2022

Poll workers are critical to the success of an election. Having an adequate number of poll workers to staff polling places on and before Election Day can ensure voters receive the assistance they need at the polls and can help provide a positive voting experience for all.

It takes a lot of people to fully staff an election. As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, nearly 22,500 people served as Election Day poll workers in Georgia in 2020. For this year, Fulton County has set a hiring target of 2000 poll workers. DeKalb County’s target is 1700.

To help Georgia counties — not just those two — meet their staffing goals, JCRC of Atlanta is working with the Jewish Democracy Network, a new non-partisan initiative created to mobilize Jewish institutions and individuals to help ensure free, fair, safe, and accessible elections nationwide.

Our application partners are Power the Polls and the ACLU of Georgia — please choose whichever you prefer.

To sign up via Power The Polls:

  • Visit the Power The Polls website.
  • Fill in the very simple form.
  • You’ll get a response page with links to apply to your County’s Election office. (You’ll also get an email with the same information.)
  • At your convenience, fill out the County application.
  • Once you’ve done that, let Power The Polls know (there will be a link in their email)

To sign up via the ACLU of Georgia:

  • Visit the ACLU of Georgia Poll Worker website
  • Click on the yellow button ‘Sign up to be an ACLU of Georgia Poll Worker’
  • Fill in the form. Where it currently asks, “If you are interested in adopting a polling location, are you affiliated with one of the following organizations?”, please select ‘Jewish Democracy Network’.
  • You’ll get a thank-you email with links to a number of County Election offices.
  • At your convenience, fill out the County application and let ACLU of GA know that you’ve done so.
  • ACLU of GA will continue to assist you throughout the application, training, and scheduling process.

Questions? Need more help? Please email us at jdn@jcrcatlanta.org.

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